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1999 Ridgeback Records
All Ears
2004 My-Tea Records
All the Tea in China: (
John Fiveash: drums and vocals
Ernie Myers: vocals and guitar
Steve Powell: bass, keyboards, and vocals
Michael Clay: keyboards, guitar and sax
Mark Cook: Warr Guitar
John Fiveash: drums, percussion and vocals
Martin McCall: drums and percussion
Ernie Myers: vocals and guitar
Steve Powell: bass and vocals
The sagacious among you may have noticed that Hands and All the Tea in China have connections musician-wise.
Here are some more links connecting the aural and visual dots:
A prog/jazz/rock/pop outfit with Michael Clay and Ernie Myers, along with super bassist John Billings and former King Crimson greats Ian Wallace and Mel Collins, with a guest appearance by current KC wunderkind Adrian Belew.
Mark Cook’s galactic vehicle for multi-stringed nirvana.
HAI TEX (    
One of Martin McCall’s 16,000 bands.
But two of many locations to secure Hands and Fission Trip recordings.
Michael Clay’s titanium umbrella for musical reign (search here for Hands old website as well as offerings from Long Pig and Shiny Beast).
Old school, hippie-like, yet “finger on the pulse” artist and designer for Hands- Stranglelet and Fission Trip-Volume One.
A fine artist and designer for All the Tea in China- All Ears...did we mention her ”sweetness”?
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